Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boozy Lollicakes

Cakes brought home for my kids
My cousin Jessica is hip. Yesterday’s blog from New York blogger Small Bites chronicles the recent trendiness of boozy desserts.  (Thanks for the reTweet TspBasil!).  And what dessert generally gets the instant attention of lots (over 150) hungry guests? Wedding cake. Over the weekend, I attended Jessica’s wedding in Denver and her wedding cake hit the trendiness meter on two points:  Boozy cake and a cake of individual portions, i.e., the small plate thing that makes a diner/guest feel special.

Inside of a strawberry Lollicake
 Here’s what she served: Lollicakes!  Specifically, they were Guiness stout doused dark chocolate cake with Bailey's cream cheese frosting.  How's that for boozy?!

Individual Lollicakes are fresh cake crumbs mixed with creamy frosting all inside an adorable candy shell. The best part:  The Lollicakes were the classy centerpiece of dining tables. So we all got to indulge in them before dinner. And that makes a dinner occasion just a little more special...when adults get to eat dessert before dinner just like the kids!

By the way, my cousin also chose a Mexican fiesta theme for her wedding feast! The delicious buffet included cheese empanadas, beef and bean burritos, make-your-own-tacos and lots of pickled jalapenos!  Maybe she's ahead of another trend!

My niece eating dessert before dinner

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