Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Teaspoon

It's the one-year anniversary of Teaspoon Communications!  This small business that I own with my two sensational partners, Deanna and Bonnie, has made it one year and we're looking forward to another happy year of being moms and running our little business on the side.

To celebrate, we sent a little 'Happy Birthday Teaspoon' note attached a box of matches printed with our name and a pack of candles to a few folks who mentored or helped us along the way.

I'm quite pleased with my own box of Teaspoon matches; they will come in very handy for the next birthday at my house.  In December, we used up the very last restaurant book of matches.  And we had quite a stash.  Since smoking bans went into effect, have you noticed restaurants don't give out match books anymore?

To accompany my Teaspoon matches and candles in the mail, my baking genius of a partner, Bonnie, included the most delicious cupcake I've eaten in my life in a nifty little cupcake-holder.  It was Kirsch liqueur cake with champagne buttercream frosting and topped with a delicate sparkle-sheen of glitter.  Unfortunately I cannot share the recipe.  But maybe she will share it with us here!  In the meantime, this is the alcohol-infused cupcake recipe I intend to make for my Valentines: Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes

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